15 Mar 2015

302SSH is coming to Region One

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Through the efforts of the APBA Stock Outboard Commission and the APBA Historical Society, the new 302 Super Stock Hydro class will be making its debut in Region 1 this season.

What is the 302SSH Class? The class was established in 2013 by the SORC to have what would be our first ever “Stock” class in APBA racing.

The intent of this class is to lower the barriers for entry into the sport, have affordable startup costs, and provide a place for new members to hone their racing skills prior to making the transition into the faster classes. The class is not exclusive to the newbie as there is also a segment of our membership that does not have the expertise to tinker on engines, the time to constantly test propellers or the desire to race at higher speeds. This class will provide both new and existing members a competitive, low maintenance, and affordable 60 mph ride.

Class Specifics – The class will compete with the most current 20SSH, 25SSH and CSH type boats. The outfit will be powered by a Yamato 302. The engine will be sealed, run with the factory stock gear case, and a stock factory propeller. Prior to the engine being sealed it will have a kill switch installed, the reed stops will be set within tolerance, the cylinders will be honed and new piston rings installed. The gear foot will meet all of the 302SSH measurements and will have the Yamato Stock 16mm prop shaft and come complete with a two blade Brinkman propeller.

Region 1 has been fortunate over the past several years in that we have attracted new members on a regular basis. Our existing membership has always been very generous in providing equipment to these folks to compete and get their feet wet. Our problem has been finding newer competitive equipment for the prospective member and not somebody else’s hand me down or used up stuff. These rigs coming into the Region will be for sale and will provide the new member the opportunity to develop their skills knowing that they have equal equipment to the guy running out front. At the last South Shore Outboard meeting the Club committed to adding the 302SSH class to the existing program subject to it being a five boat field. Our 10 class race program works well and we do not want to deviate from that and dilute the program with a three boat class. With this five boat minimum on the table, a commitment by one of our members was made to privately purchase enough engines to supplement the SORC rigs coming to the Region in order to satisfy SSOA’s five boat requirement. In fact one of those engines will also be run in CSH simply by changing the gear foot and thereby adding to the CSH boat count. This same scenario could also be done to bolster the 20SSH class with the gear foot change and a restrictor plate. With a reasonable investment a team could run three classes out of one trailer box.

Stay tuned for more details as the introduction of the 302SSH class unfolds here in region 1.