2017 Race Schedule

2017 Race Schedule – Date Planning

You should always verify with the APBA web site that the Sanction has been approved before you travel to any race.

January 25-28    Los Angeles **APBA National Meeting**

March 3-4-5        Lakeland, FL (Inboard-OPC-JH, AXR, AXH, ASR, CSR/25SSR, CSH) Orange Cup Regatta

March 11-12

March 18-19     

March 25-26       

April 1-2              April 2 – Region 1 Spring Meeting – Sturbridge, MA – 12:00 noon     Jesup, GA (SO-MOD-PRO-J)

April 6-7-8-9       Tabor City, NC (SO-MOD-J)  **2017 Eastern Championship**

April 15-16          Easter

April 21-22-23   

April 29-30          Jesup, GA **SE Divisionals** (SO-MOD-PRO-J)

May 6-7               Bush River, MD

May 13-14           Mother’s Day Weekend

May 19-20-21      Standish, ME (SO-MOD-PRO-J) 3 Days in 2  (Race School and Testing on the 19th)

May 27-28-29      Franklin, PA (SO-MOD-J)    Memorial Day Weekend

June 3-4              Whitney Point, NY **NE Divisionals** (SO-MOD-J)    Waterford, ON
00000000000000(June 1-4  OSY 400 World Championships – Germany)

June 10-11          Milton, NH (SO-MOD-PRO-J)

June 17-18          Constantine, MI (SO-MOD–J) (Racing School)

June 22-25          Berwick, PA (SO-MOD-J)     Constantine, MI  APBA MOD/PRO **Nationals**
and J & AX North American Championships on the 25th   Gravenhurst, ON

July 1-2               (T) ?Harrisburg, PA (SO-MOD-PRO-J)?

July 7-8-9            Thompson, CT (SO-MOD-PRO-J) Testing on the 7th     Rock Falls, Il

July 15-16           Erinsville, ON     

July 22-23

July 24-29           Grass Lake, MI   APBA (SO-J)  **Nationals**

July 26-30           Depue, IL (USTS PRO Nationals)            

August 5-6

August 12-13      Indian River, MI  – Top O’ Michigan **Marathon Nationals**

August 19-20      Kittanning, PA (SO-MOD-J)     Halliburton, ON

August 26-27      Dayton, OH – Record Runs (SO-MOD-J)

Sept 1-2-3-4         Lock Haven, PA (SO-MOD-J/Dash for Cash-CSH)

Sept 8-9-10          Standish, ME (SO-MOD-J) 3 Days in 2    Grass Lake, MI (SO-J)

Sept 16-17           Crystal Lake – Redwood, NY (SO-MOD-J)     Big Rapids , MI (SO-J)

Sept 23-24           Kingston, NH (SO-MOD-J) 3 Days in 2    New Martinsville, WV (MOD-SO-J)    Alexandria, KY

Sept 30/Oct 1     Wilson, NC (SO-MOD-PRO-J)   

Oct 7-8                 Jesup, GA (SO-MOD-PRO-J)

Oct 14-15            Millville, NJ (SO-MOD-AX)

Oct 21-22

Oct 28-29            Tabor City, NC (SO-MOD-PRO-J)

Nov 11                 SSOA Banquet

Region 1 Races in Blue Bold.  SSOA Supported Races in Bold Italic.